Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I am completely tired out. The bus ride home last night was odd. All the way from Corpus to San Antonio a child cried, and then, in the packed bus from San Antonio to Austin the large young man behind me LOUDLY and profanely informed all and sundry about getting drunk in Mexico and his job as a bouncer at a strip club and his family's connection with the Russian Mafia.. He threw in comments about English literature - smart, well informed comments - but expressed a totally jaded attitude "I don't care about anybody because bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people all the time and I just want to get rich and have a hot wife." I was distressed and embarrassed by the continuing crudeness - didn't know if he was drunk or on a drug or having a manic episode or if he just is like that all the time. He really seemed so far out there I wouldn't have found him believable in fiction.

Today I went back to work and it was a good day with clients - people growing and healing and learning. I also saw Ruth for the first time since she and Chris very successfully started their school years. Hearing about the kids in her life skills class brings back lots of good memories of my own time working in special education classes. I also heard, through Ruth, that Danny, KK, and Zach all had good first days of school - Zachary's FIRST first day. He, especially, was full of words and stories about his teacher and his new friends. I' eager to see the kids this school year.

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Ruth said...

I've been with the kids several days this week--doing homework and helping kk cook her first pot of macaroni solo (I'm sure Joanna was noe happy about this--KK said she glared). They are still doing well and enjoying school. We had a great time at the park eating doughnuts and having an "Awesome Party" according to Zachary. I especially enjoyed helping KK with her long division and problem solvign questions (make 2,3,8 & 9 = 24 using each only once and only -,+,/,x)

I should go deal with the piles of laundry that are piling up or work on the photos I need to edit. Yikes time is hard to come by these days!