Monday, August 27, 2007

This is really just a placeholder post - in case anyone is waiting eagerly to read about the beginning of school for Bob and the grand kids. The truth is I missed out on the grand kids' first day and haven't gotten a report yet. I just - after midnight - got off the Greyhound from Corpus . I had planned to go down and help Bob with the last minute touches on his room and hear the first day stories, but Thursday I got a phone call that shifted plans. Bob had to suddenly move downstairs to accommodate a new student who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheel chair. I was really fortunate to have no clients scheduled Friday (two cancellations) and so I got on the bus late Thursday and joined Bob in the rapid creation of a really cool classroom. We got lots of help from teachers, students, and teachers' kids and grand kids in the endless carrying of stuff down stairs. Thank goodness two of the high school students who helped were tireless and STRONG. The ambiance at Menger is supportive and Bob had a good first day. I will write lots more later - but will be responsible and go to bed now. Tomorrow is a work day.

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Ruth said...

SO glad it went well and the student with CP sounds like he will be a joy to have in the classroom.

I have to leave in lieterally 2 minutes but I wanted to say welcome back and YAY I'm glad it went well.

I'll be in the office tonight with Beth and may swing by your house later?