Saturday, August 18, 2007

Odd, good, quiet day. I expected to have the children with me most of the day and I did not - so I got all kinds of neglected little tasks done - everything from dusting, to letter writing to paying bills to filing addresses correctly. I also let the television educate me, playing back several Charlie Rose interview shows Bob had taped. I was most intrigued by the interview of Charles Fergueson, a scholar and businessman in high tech, who has gone into film making and produced a documentary about how the US got into the situation we are in in the war in Iraq. The film is called "No End In Sight" I think it sounds like a disturbing but important film. The summary on the film's website is at

Besides Charlie Rose and Bill Moyers, I have been watching dance shows - competitions and movies about dance. Dance - ballroom dancing in particular is BACK. This is a significant development for me because I grew up on my parents stories of the dances they attended in college - dorm dances every Saturday night, the crowd stopping dancing and circling to watch an especially skilled couple, silver shoes, pink chiffon, blue velvet, big bands. It never occurred to me that dancing of that sort wouldn't be in fashion when I was in college. It absolutely wasn't. So though I went to Cotillion for three years like a good girl and learned my waltz and fox trot, I haven't used them much - sure didn't back in 1969 when I started college and the dances we did at parties didn't involve touching your partner and were done in bright colored minidresses - no trailing chiffon. Now I love to watch dancers do updated versions of the dances my parents talked about, and danced in the living room on Friday nights. Watching the dancing produces sweet memories in me and I find myself wishing I could watch these shows with my parents, who would really appreciate what they were seeing.

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Ruth said...

I am going to check out the film... I think Chris may have sad something to me about it once but whatever he said is lost in the cobwebs in the back of my mind.

I, too, am excited about ballroom dance coming back into fad. I LIKE dances with steps and have always been sad I didn't go to cotillian to learn them (even when they wouldn't have been usefull). I've often imagined your parents Wa-Wa-Wa-Waltzing (with bears and) eachother while the smells from Grandma's kitchen fade into happy memories: such a perfect image. I feel happy to have seen them love eachother so until the end.