Sunday, August 19, 2007

The mix of maturity and vulnerability that coexist in KK during the summer of her eleventh year manifested in a sweet new to me way this morning. KK got contact lenses to correct nearsightedness - got them last Wednesday. At first I was surprised that she would use contacts in addition to glasses so young, but her Daddy explained that glasses are a big pain at ballet - which is where KK is going to be spending many of her waking hours. That makes sense.

So, this morning in our bathroom KK was struggling to get her contacts in before church - and she was really STRUGGLING. Eyelashes kept getting in the way. She was emotional, frustrated, roaring at times like a wounded lion cub - but she persisted. I told her she could quit - but she said no she couldn't- she wanted to see well today and she had to learn to do this anyway - and she persisted. She called Ruth on the phone and asked for instructions (Ruth having seen her get through the contact insertion procedure successfully once before) - and she persisted . I wanted to cuddle her and rock her like a little bitty girl but instead just reminded her to breathe. She persisted, trying every suggestion Ruth or I made until she achieved success. Then she neatly packed up her contact lens kit and put it away.

I really don't worry much about this kid!


Ruth said...

She's pretty amazing isn't she? And I LOVE that she is so big--but still feels better just having me on the phone. I had such a GREAT time shopping with her today too and am both happy and a little sad that she and I can now shop in the same section! She wears and 8 shoe and a 1 jean! CRAZINESS!

I adore that child.

SeaStar said...

Size one jeans. Oh my! She is growing up way too fast, or maybe not too fast. Growing up is natural - and you and Joanna have taught me well the delights of fully grown up daughters. I adore that child too.