Thursday, July 05, 2007

Perfect family celebration yesterday ( 0nly would have been better if Jean and Mark had been in town and Joanna had been there for the whole thing, not having to work at Sears during the afternoon. But pretty darn close to perfect. Ruth is so funny with her perfectionist hosting behvior. She and Chris simply throw great parties, whether formal or informal. It is so amazing to have access to the pool at their house again - such a good idea they had for entertaining, though I didn't understand at the time how great it would be. The landscaping is growing up to make wonderful alcoves. Ruth's signature artistic touches peek out unexpectedly around corners and between cracks. And the kids are at more independent ages - really able to delight in the pool with less intense supervision. Danny has joined KK in the ranks of real swimmers. This time last year he was still afraid in the water. So much progress and growth in all of those kids! And it was a special treat to watch James and the kids playing in the pool with the water guns - so into each other. I especially liked watching James have so much fun. The inflammatory process in his eyes has been really bad this summer and I have trouble staying in the here and now, not worrying how he will be in the future. Yesterday he was just having fun and that was enough.

Those kids have such wonderful men (women too, come to think of it) in their lives. The other day KK and I were making jewelry and talking about life. She said the man she wants to marry someday should be as playful as her Daddy, know how to be Tickle Monster like Uncle Chris, and plan trips like Grandpa Bob. She also said when she grows up she hopes she can sing like her Mama, be as playful as Auntie and make things like I do.

A real asset for me this year at the party was KK's puppy Sammi. SHE IS SO CUTE! KK had her dressed up for the Fourth in a bright red bandanna that used to be my Daddy's - a sweet touch. Sammi slept much of the afternoon in my lap and I just loved the smooth warm weight of her and her sweet puppy trust. I'm not even a dog person but this one is precious. I'm glad KK lobbied so hard to become a doggie mommy.

It was also good yesterday to get to know Chris' friend Dave a little better and to spend time with Marie and Bill and Monica. Monica is supposed to be younger than KK is now - not all grown up with a high tech job I don't even begin to understand. Never could have guessed or fathomed so many of the things about her life. Makes me wonder how much and what) we can't figure out or predict about the grandkids' futures. Lots.

So I'm a happy Grandma today, enjoying being off - looking forward to seeing the Royal Ballet Company's Sleeping Beauty tonight in San Antonio with KK - and to the birthday camping weekend. Life is good.

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Ruth said...

I'm glad you enjoyed our party--it was wonderfult o have yuo and thanks again for all your help! I just realized I never showed you the little alcove I am so excited about behind our landscaping--did someone else?

I haven't forgotten to e-mail you the picture of KK and Sammi but I did leave my camera at the studio so I don't have access right now since Chris has the car at a UIL training and I'm on my way to come see you and the girls at KK's birthday camp.

Thanks, too, for sharing KK's insight into what she wants in a future mate/how she sees us. It's facinating to get that kind of a glimpse into how her mind works.