Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bob had two interviews at two high schools - a poor high school in Round Rock which needs a lot of innovative problem solving in its math department and Anderson, an affluent, close to the house high school with a well established math department. He feels he did well in both interviews and is hopeful he will be offered one or both. He wants this to work out so badly. I admire his perseverance and realise I'm a bit of a coward. I don't want to care that much about an outcome. Disappointment hurts too much when you care that much. I used to care like that about getting parts in shows. I realise its been many years since I've really competed for anything - really laid myself on the line - have to think about whether I need to practice that some.

Bob and James and the kids left on their vacation through Tennessee and Mammoth cave to family in Blacksburg and home through Atlanta with its zoo and aquarium (with whale shark) and a swamp tour in New Orleans. I miss them already but know this time I'm better off at home making some money, taking care of clients and having some evening solitude and a weekend to deep clean the house. I've really let it go.

Ladybird Johnsn died this afternoon. Her death seems like the end of an era of strong Texas wmen of a certain generation. We already lost Mary Nell Connoly and Ann Richards, and Molly Ivins, though she was younger. I think Liz Crpenter is still alive and kicking. She may be the last. Myparents, especially my mother knew so many of the great Texas personalities of that generation.

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