Saturday, July 14, 2007

Joanna engineered getting herself, Jean, and me to a Martina Mcbride concert tonight. Besides really enjoying relaxing, the change of pace, and the company - WOW! I haven't been listening to the radio and had no idea the intensity of the performance I should have expected, the talent level, the positive message. The opening song was the now apparently very popular "Do it Anyway.", based on a quotation I read at Daddy's funeral. And she sang songs by old favorites Kris Kristoferson and Loretta Lynne, and a poignant song about a child who dies of abuse ( complete with posting of Child Abuse Hotline number. She sang with such pure talent, energy, passion - said it was the only thing she had ever wanted to do. It has to be incredible to be that good at anything. Thank you Martina. You really stirred up my heart and gave me a great evening. Thank you Joanna for getting me there.


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Ruth said...

She does have some really great message songs (and a great voice!) I'm so glad you enjoyed it.