Monday, July 30, 2007

Bob and I got a great three mile park walk in Monday night at McKinney Falls ending as a beautiful lemon drop moon began to rise. It is still bizarrely green out there for almost August and rich in wildlife. We saw the same doe and fawn we saw last week, another rabbit, heard active chorus of bird song as well as loud roar of falls. We also saw a large rattlesnake -- not until bikers had startled it into leaving the trail so not scary -- at least four feet long and thick (I think thick as my forearm but Bob wasn't sure) quite imposing visually at any rate. We're doing better at our walking for exercise-walked our neighborhood three miles Sunday night and again last night with Lobo and plan four to five tonight since I get off in time for an earlier supper and start. We hope to visit the Gila Wilderness during Thanksgiving week and Bob, especially is inspired to have increased fitness for great hikes there. I am piggy backing on his enthusiasm, one of the many benefits of marriage.

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