Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our travelers have been enjoying Atlanta's many entertainment options. They did natural history museum (with HUGE dinosaur skeleton and age matched learning and discovery areas) and the aquarium yesterday. The beluga whales were courting - something I would have loved to have seen but Bob and KK were especially blown away by the huge whale sharks, which they say are beautiful and elegantly proportioned as well as just impressively big. Hard for me to think of a shark as beautiful, but I believe them. Today at the zoo the highlight was the panda family. The baby was active, and tiny - just a little bigger than Sammi. KK says the mother disciplined the baby, preventing it from climbing steps off which it might fall. She picked it up in her mouth like a mother cat does with a kitten. Our family group was lucky enough to be stranded in the panda house during a thunder storm at a time when the baby was active - (right before climbing onto a branch and sleeping for at least four hours)

I have gotten some tasks done around here in the absence of family, but not as much as I expected - still feel pretty good about progress. And work is good, satisfying - wonderful to see people grow and change.

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