Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bob and I walked at McKinney Falls at sunset and were pleased by the lush green woods- usually dried out by this time in July - wild flowers still blooming, unusual numbers of fruit on prickly pear pants, vines laden with muscadine grapes tart on the tongue, last persimmons clinging to trees, more on the trail and more still, devoured by park wildlife. We saw more mammals than usual, six deer including a buck and a fawn, a rabbit, a skunk, and numerous kinds of wild flowers which don't usually last through June. I got a fleeting glimpse of an owl. Onion Creek is high and flowing hard and foamy over the falls. We are still under a flash flood alert of some kind, and, seeing the creek, I understand why. Rain is in the forecast every day for the next week and not a single high is predicted over 90- truly odd for Texas in July. KK said recently that "something is wrong with the weather. It doesn't feel like summer." I wonder if this is just a fluky wet summer or a sign of climate change. I do like the cooler temperatures.

It was a pretty ordinary day - good work day - highlights were the walk and a short photo session with Ruth, thrilled to have her replacement camera operative. Bob and I are taking turns with Harry Potter. Obviously his turn right now!

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Ruth said...

We keep wanting to go ride at McKinney Falls but worry it is too muddy--was it?

I agree about the weather being fluke-y (but I LOVE it!)

Hope you get a turn with Harry soon. I'd never thought about taking turns like that. We either read things one after another or we read it TO eachother. Never thought of just alternating. Thanks again for letting me shoot you this afternoon. I'm happy with that shot (you have eyebrows AND a smile!)