Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bob's birthday. He and James and the kids made it to Atlanta. Bob wanted to hike up a mountain in North Carolina for his birthday but it was too hot. They took a short hike around a lake instead and saw little tiny toads. I miss them all, especially Bob, more tonight. Neither Lobo nor I slept much last night, both of us missing Bob I think. I hope tonight is more peaceful. Bob did find out today that Anderson High School, the last local option, didn't hire him. Silly Austin schools. They don't know what they are missing. I wish he could live at home and teach here, but I have to trust Menger is the right place for now and work to make our year good. One thing I don't have to work to feel good about is the whole week off at Thanksgiving. We will go birding again for the first half of the week. Last year's trip to see the sand hill cranes was magnificent.


Ruth said...

Frustrating about Anderson: I ageee--silly schools! But I do know how much good he is doing at Menger and how loved his is. I really think he'll find an elementry position next year here in Austin if he wants it. I'm serious about thinking it takes a year to seed the idea and then the next it happens!

Mary said...

I enjoyed getting to share a birthday cake with Bob Monday evening. Dad got one for all of us Julys - KK, me, Bob, and James! It was an ice cream cake, which I hear KK wanted but wasn't quite able to combine with a camping trip. So now she got both!

I am sorry to hear about Anderson. Even knowing Menger is a good fit and that the position is there waiting for him, I am sure he feels very discouraged. From your blog it sounds like you are doing a good job keeping it in a positive perspective... my love and hugs to both of you as you start preparing for the shift back into living-apart mode.

SeaStar said...

Thanks for the support and encouragement, Mary and Ruth. I don't know if Bob is discouraged. I know he has been at moments. I know he is determined to have a really great year at Menger - to give a great year to the kids. I am more invested in having him serve kids and feel satisfied than in his location - though of course I miss him. The summers off and the long breaks are what make the separation berable. I would hate doing it all year long. Also, nobody is shooting at Bob in Corpus I've talked to three wives in the last week who have husbands on active duty in Iraq. That kind of separation would be so much harder.