Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wow! Bob is all moved out of his Corpus apartment, everything boxed up and b rought home. I remember when we found apartment and how excited we were when he got the job at Menger - good job - good seven years. It is time for a change now and will be exciting to get him established in his new job at Andrews. We hope to see his classroom tomorrow. The move was hard work, but much assisted by Ruth, Chris, James, and Jean, and even by little Liam, who is amazingly helpful and cooperative at his young age. He was thrilled to find and claim soccor balls and other delights in his Grandpa's apartment. Bob hates to move and is just glad this is done. I'm glad to have him home, don't really hate moving, haven't done it so many times. I do like the way it mencourages purging belongings and making new starts. I feel a little nostalgic for the Menger and Corpus years - especially the bus trips down to stay with Bob and ouor veach walks. There will be more beach walks though, even without an apartment and job down there.

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Mary said...

It must be a good feeling for you that Bob is now moved. Amazed to hear that it was seven years for Bob in Corpus. How quickly the time goes.