Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Much better day today. Bob and I went with KK to her back to school night last night and it was fun to see her relaxed and knowing exactly where to go in the school that seemed like such a maze a week ago - so comfortable with all her teachers and beginning to recognize and be recognized by other students. Her teachers are a real mix of ages, personalities, styles, and it was good to get a feel, and just to be there with her and Bob. KK, in unguarded moments, has been known to say "All my teachers always love me." and this sure seems to be the case this year. I especially was pleased to hear her math teacher comment that she obviously was a person who likes and is good at math. Her math teacher is young and enthusiastic, ardent even, and he touched me by asking how KK was doing with making friends. Many of the school adults really seem to notice and be getting to know her. Her counselor even asked her what she was doing at the back to school night - "Shouldn't you be dancing?" (It is one of the two weeks a year that Ballet Austin is closed). I love that she's only been at school there two weeks and the adults already have a sense of her. If I were KK the scariest class would be keyboarding - taught by a dynamic and loud woman who emphasises keyboarding speed. Timed tests make me nervous, KK too, but she will manage. Like KK, I would probably like art best. The teacher is hilarious, devoted, warm, a hero kind of teacher who I'm sure evokes the best in all of his students.

Ruth and Joanna both went to sixth grade at the school KK is attending now. I couldn't help but remember that I had migraines boht of their back to school nights and really had to struggle to focus and want to be there. Not so tonight. I felt great and engaged and not even shy. Some say "aging isn't for sissies." So far aging is fine. Perimenopause isn't for sissies though, that's for sure. Margaret Mead once wrote about "postmenopausal zest" and I adore experiencing it. I feel more like I did during my thirties than during my forties and early fifties - except for less bounce in the knees. I love it!

Bob is working very hard to do all he believes is necessary for his students, and family needs have kept him from working some times when I know he could have used the time for himself. I fall even more in love with him as I watch him balance all the needs and demands in such a compassionate way. His classes are challenging, but yesterday seemed to be a good day. The next two days he will be working especially hard to get ready for his own back to school night on Thursday.


Mary said...

It is wonderful that adults already seem to have a sense of KK after her being in the school for only two weeks. The teachers / adults there must be very caring people. This must be heartening for you to know.

Diane said...

How wonderful it must be for KK to be loved by her teachers! And how very nice that she really seems already to be known by adults in her school, even after two weeks.