Monday, August 23, 2010

First day survived! It was touching to walk into lamar with K.K. this morning. Her tears started as soon as her feet took her into the strange school, and the principal and teachers were all very kind and helpful - amazingly so, and within a few minutes she was smiling through her tears. I love that kid. She takes her vulnerability in a very matter-of-fact way, knows she cries when she's scared in new situations and doesn't freak out that she's crying. She ended up having a really good day and making two new friends. Bob's day went fine, not as amazingly as he had hoped, but fine. he's drilling himself tonight on his student's names in connection with pictures he took of them. They, as a group, are pretty frustrated about being back at elementary school instead of going to middle school as they expected (due to the poor performance of the middle school to which they were headed). BOb was hoping discussion of their feelings about staying at elementary school would help shift these feelings more than it seemed to. Tomorrow should be a tougher day for the students but easier on Bob. He's planning to give them some benchmark tests.

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Mary said...

It was good to read about both Bob's first day and KK's first day. New experiences are always a bit hard, but exciting as well.