Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's been a good weekend. I think Bob is less tired than he was on Friday, and more ready for the new school week than he thought he'd be. We spent parts of both weekend days at school, but not long times, and today arranged the desks for group work. We also went to the gym both days, which has been harder for us to manage since school started. KK has been good company. She has had interesting get to know you school assignments, including a shield assignment for American history in which she needed to include personal, historical, and cultural symbols that mean something to her as a citizen. She really did a beautiful job with the motto "Dance like Nobody's watching." It was a joy last night watching Ruth use her fancy drawing on the computer software to help KK block out her idea - really a great lesson as well as a neat product. Living in our house can't be easy for a kid, high standards all around, as well as lots of love and support.


Mary said...

Glad you had a good weekend, Victoria and that Bob and you are keeping up your routine of going to the gym every day. Once you are into it, I think you have momentum and it just feels good.

KK's shield assignment sounds interesting and fun. I like the motto "Dance Like Nobody's Watching." I am sure it is fun having KK there.

Diane said...

Victoria, I am really happy that you are enjoying KK so much, but I would imagine she is enjoying living with so many supportive people very much as well!