Monday, July 26, 2010

I feel satisfied tonight, happy to have gotten the household's laundry done, happy in time spent with Ruth and Liam, glad Bob is coming home from Blacksburg tomorrow night. he had a really great visit with family. I hear the pleasure in his voice - such good people he comes from. Highlight this afternoon was a fierce thuderstorm that hit while Ruth, Liam, and I were in Home Depot looking at doors and windows for the little house we are building out back for K.K. The storm was unusually quick rolling in, roared loud, flashed bright. Liam loved it and kept asking his Mama to make more thunder. Sometimes even his magic mama can't make something happen. We walked the dogs after the rain slowed to gentle mist, marveled at being cool in Texas on an evening in July.

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Mary said...

Fun to picture Liam enjoying the thunderstorm and wanting his mother to make more thunder.

How exciting for KK to have a little house of her own.

Glad that Bob had a good visit with his family!