Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Good day - no crises - Also, We all got paid. It was getting tight toward the end of the month. Money does make a difference in my mood, having enough, or not. Joanna and Tracy worked themselves exhausted clearing out their storeroom and moving stuff to San Antonio. They are in their new rent house though - at least have the key and have the stuff in a truck parked out front. Ruth and Chris are eager on a closing on the contract on their house. Everything shifting, for the better I hope.I had lunch with Bill, talking about his excellent short stories - wish I could focus on plots as he does. I love that he values my opinions. Time soon to try some fiction of my own again. I'm beginning to think about the High Holy Days approaching, musing and planning how to cleanse my heart, make amends, make new beginnings. This is a solemn and valuable time of year.


Mary said...

Lots of good news here. Yes, I do hope you try some fiction again! Either new or continuing with some of your older plots. I enjoy them.

Diane said...

Wonderful that you were able to have lunch with your writing friend. I am sure each of you inspired the other!