Friday, February 19, 2010

Terrible feeling in town tonight. A disgruntled (crazy?) man burned down his house not far from here and then flew a plane into the IRS office building we often drive by - protesting taxes suicidally. My first client was distressed by having driven by the flaming exploded glass office building. There were two people injures, on unaccounted for (hopefully didn't go to work or had stepped out? Only the perpetrator is known dead. It strikes me freaky. On the bus tonight I wondered how much anger the people riding with me were carrying. How much hurt. How much potential to do harm. So important to keep on doing the next right thing.


Mary said...

What an awful situation. Apparently he had a suicide note filled with hatefuless on his website. However, when they interviewed members of the band he formerly played with, people were very surprised as he had been a mild-mannered man. It makes it scary, as apparently this is nothing people could not have predicted from his behavior.

Diane T said...

What a senseless tragedy. You are important to keep doing the next RIGHT thing!