Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I sit wiggly and excited,
hop up and press nose to
plate glass as snow falls.
I sit again, check email,
crane neck toward window,
track flurry of descending
white better than words
on screen, rush down stairs
coatless to catch flakes
on tongue, watch them
stick, flake by flake,
to leaves, blades of grass.
Those unfortunates which
land on pavement vanish.
I climb stairs laughing.
Sit again. Glad I didn't sit
through rare Texas snow day.


Mary said...

So interesting to me, Victoria, the different reactions to snow in different areas. I do know that the amount of snow you had there was amazing for your area, and I can understand your excitement about it. This amount of snow in our area would hardly be mentioned. We had about 4 inches of snow yesterday. Nothing changed in anyone's daily life.... I know my TX daughter originally kept the boys home from school because she did not want them riding with anyone (school bus) who was unfamiliar with driving on snow. LOL. But then school closed early anyway.... They greatly enjoyed building a snowman. Glad YOU enjoyed the snow there to the fullest! Your poem captures well the idea of TX snow and made me smile!

Diane T said...

I love picturing you so excited about the snow, Victoria!