Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy birthday Andrea! Thing one and thing two are both one now. It's been a fast year full of change. I sleep in a different room, have a totally different wardrobe thanks to Ruth's generous closet, live with three people I love during the work week rather than alone. Joanna and her family live in Ruth's house. Liam and Andrea walk and talk. Bob still teaches at Menger, but he hopes to change that next school year. Only my work really seems to stay the same, and that by its very nature is never really the same from day to day.

I'm enjoying the Winter Olympics, fondly remember going to the Salt Lake City Olympics with Joanna. I'm so glad she encouraged that adventure.

Olympic Memories

I've watched the Olympic Games, winter and summer
since I was a child, watched with delight and awe
feats of physical strength, speed, grace, persistence.
The passing of the torch, generation to generation,
nation to nation, hand to hand, flame to flame
brings tears, hope, determination even on television.

I did not cry when I stood in the snow in Salt lake City
beside my pregnant daughter and watched the torch
change hands so near that my face felt its heat.
Inspiration, magic, are cheap at any price. Our trip to
the Winter Olympics months after terrorist atttacks
is a choice I'm glad we had foolish courage to make.


Ann said...

What a year this has been for your family, Victoria, mostly joyous. I have a vision of the twin cousins babbling with each other.

Mary said...

I enjoyed your poem on Olympic Memories. It is nice to reflect on the passing of the torch - from one hand to another in the Olympics, from one generation to another in life.....

Diane T said...

Happy Birthday to Andrea!

I'm enjoying watching the winter Olympics too. So much of this area is familiar to me...and I have a hard time pulling myself away from watching for that reason, plus I have skiied there.

You were fortunate to be able to see the Salt Lake City Olympics. What good memories!

Bob Hendricks said...

Beautiful, amazing poem.
One of your many gems.