Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bob drove me to San Antonio right after the symphony to put me on the train. I worried about him, just getting over a major infection, maybe pneumonia, but he insisted and seemed fine. At least he got to nap at the hotel where we stayed ( free on those magic Marriott reward points) I'd been so busy with work trying to get out of town that I had barely packed - kept calling Bob throughout the work day to get him to add things I didn't want to travel without - especially my soft gray night dress(from Ruth)_ and my jewel town chenille blanket (from Marie) food for the train, I hadn't managed to buy food in advance so we found a 24 hour Wall mart, which I still don't love but am no longer boycotting, and bought fun snacks. I felt so loved - even opened my bag later and found that Ruth had slipped in two favorites, freeze dried okra and garlic puffs. Yum.! Stumbling onto the train at 5:00 in the morning drastically sleep deprived, I was sorely disappointed that the last sleeper compartment had just been sold ( I was counting on getting one at the last minute at a discount. Poor Bob had to put up with my moment of spoiled princess dismay. It really is goofy that I feel like I won't be OK traveling "regular" and that special somehow is what I am supposed to have and won't be OK without. Turns out my chair car adventure was just fine, delightful even, and I even slept well. This princess complex is something I really could live without, and I know it's my responsibility to get to the point that I do.

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