Thursday, February 11, 2010

Liam's birthday was great fun - lunch at Phil's for the only hamburgers I actually like (and Liam seems to too) and his very first ice cream - lots of hilarity and picture taking and a sweet warmth inside the restaurant on a day rainy and just above freezing outside. I kept thinking that Liam will be as different next year from how he is today as he is today from how he was on the day of his birth. It has been a year of so much change. I wonder what changes will come in the next year.


Mary said...

It truly is amazing to think of how much babies / toddlers change in just one year. There really IS so much change between age 1 and 2. I am thinking about it right now, with Mya in the other room here as a two-year-old, so different than she was one year ago, her personality more and more developed and clear! Each age is fun and to be enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

Birthday bleessings to your precious grandson..and may the year ahead be flled with every good thing

Anonymous said...