Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I feel tired and disorganized. I know I'm working too much and my room is messy and I'm having trouble finishing tasks I start, even tasks I love. Got to breathe here. I think the mistake I've been making is scheduling appointments too early in the morning, especially after days I work late. There just isn't enough time between, and the self discipline to put edges around my availability is shakier lately. I repeat, got to remember to come up for air here.

Purim is the Jewish holiday of the moment and it is a holiday that fits my mood, a reminder of humilty and not to take ourselves too seriously. Purim is about balance I think - taking curageous action but knowing it won't always be effective,
being able to relax, laugh, have fun anyway.

On the bright side, Ruth and Chris have been baking hamen tashen for Purim and passing out baskets to neighbors and friends. The little triangular pastries stuffed with various preserves and fruits are tasty and fun, garnering smiles.My favorites are apricot and lemon curd.


Mary said...

Good to reflect on not taking oneself too seriously. Important for everyone to think about -- especially when dealing with stresses of any kind in life, I think.

Jada Steele said...

I certainly understand how you feel. It's so important to have time "in between" tasks. I've even considered hiring a maid because although my time at home is limited I do not like clutter and I prefer to spend my time loving on myself and my family.

Victoria said...

Mary, I love how regularly you read my blog and comment - one pof the many things about you that I deeply appreciate. And Jada (and other new folks I notice following) it is fun that people who don't know me are beginning to read here and enjoy, I hope. Welcome.