Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement - If I were clasically observant I would not be on the computer at all, but, for me, writing thoughtfully sems more observant than not writing at all. I don't feel full of wise thoughts - trying to empty out, not just physically with the fast, but spiritually and emotionally, to just hold the quiet and know that my actions and choices do make a difference.Interesting that the rabbil tonight talked of God by two names - Love and Truth - different lenses for sure.

It is up to us
to hallow Creation
to respond to Life
with the fullness of our lives.
It is up to us
to meet the WOrld
to embrace the Whole
even as we wrestle with its parts.
It is up to us
to repair the World
and bind our lives to Truth.

Therefore we bend the knee
and shake off the stiffness that keeps us
from the subtle
graces of Life
and the supple
gestures of Love.
With reverence
and thanksgiving
we accept our destiny
and set for ourselves
the task of redemption.

Rami M Shapiro


Ann said...

I love Rami Shapiro's message, Victoria. It's up to us to hallow Creation or build up instead of tear down, enlighten rather than muddy, bring joy instead of sorrow. Choices. At first reading I wanted to direct this to a few people I know, then realized the person who "needs" this most is, guess who..... I agree. You serve the spirit of what I understand Yom Kippur to be with your writing.

Judy R said...

You have taught me so much about the Jewish Faith and traditions, Victoria. I thought of you yesterday as Yom Kippur was near and today several times. I looked up your blog to see if you had written anything and was delighted to see you had. I was waiting for Rabi Shapiro's message I guess because it affected me.
Blessings on Yom Kippur to you and yours.

Anonymous said...