Friday, October 03, 2008

Autumn Return

Autumn reminds us return
to basic apples, simple honey,
familiar faces around table
older, each of us, changed.
Every autumn, we rise and fall,
together and separately
turning, toward one another
away, toward, and back again.
Who will be absent next year?
Who will be new? To be present,
one more cycle, to turn and return
again is blessing enough. Sufficient.

Victoria Hendricks October 3, 2008


Peggy said...

I love this Autumn poem of yours. I do think celebrating the new year at this time of year is more meaningful that Jan. 1. I also very much like the tradition of atonement and reflection and am enjoying your thoughts during this time. Wonderful writing here.

Mary said...

i like this poem very much and agree with the idea that autumn is a season where people think about basics...harvest, family togetherness, holidays. The cycle repeats.

Anonymous said...