Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tonight was the social night of Hanukkah, the most public and delightful night of celebration. Ruth's and Chris' wonderful Hanukkah party and the gingerbread house building workshop with the boys at the children's museum. Ruth and Chris really can put on a party - and their Hanukkah food is delicious - Ruth's from scratch latkes, Chris' curry, saffron rice, artichoke cheese casserole, many sweet options, This party is always multi generational, different people from different parts of their lives. I especially enjoyed listening to Bob and one of Ruth's and Chris' younger friends discuss birding all over the country. Another treat was watching Danny's joy in greeting guests. I think he will be a great host as a man.

My answer to last night's question: What are four qualities that block my ability to spread light?

1. need for personal attention and validation
2. fear of overstepping, intruding
3. inability to reverse roles properly - mistakes in empathy
4. poor self management which leads to letting myself get over stiulated and then behaving in an unkind or indless way.

Tonight's question: What are five lights I can pass on to my grandchildren - five traditions or blessings?

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