Sunday, December 02, 2007

Good weekend - not the kind that translates into beautiful posts - maybe better lived than written about, but I'll try a little.

Friday, after the news of Sophie's death, Joanna changed her work schedule to be with me - not sure if I would be OK - so sweet. We talked for hours about family, connection, memories - ate pizza at Conans, something we did when she was little and Kerry was alive, not much in recent years. Then we went and saw the movie August Rush, about music, magic and connection. Robin Williams did a good job as a ad musician - and I liked the movie though there were a few disconnects. I loved the way Joanna chose to take care of me that night.

In a way this weekend was a precursor of social activities to come for the kids. KK spent all the weekend after dance with Allison's family for Allison's birthday weekend, so we barely saw the girl. Saturday I went to a birthday party with Zachary. These days, apparently, the parents or grandparents stay. This was a party for a boy Joe, in Zachary's class and his twin brother Jake. They live in a lovely house (not mansion, just lovely regular house) on acres with horses in the pasture - not their horses their big sister said wistfully. A local stage magician entertained at the party. It was fun to see Zachary with his friends. He was greeted when he arrived, new people's names, had fun, was neither shy nor aggressive. The children in Zachary's world seemed like every class I've ever known - all physical and personality types, but more ethnically and internationally diverse than many classes I've known.

After the party Bob and the boys and I spent the sunset hour at a local pond - new to me but near the kids' school. with lots of domestic ducks and geese. We accidentally caught Joanna at her house and she and Bob watched football there - were sat to see Missouri lose to OU while I grocery shopped. Danny and Zach are beginning to throw the football around a bit and seem to have lots of fun with that.

Tonight after Bob left for Corpus Danny made a book - twenty seven pages about aliens - carefully drawn. He then started dictating the story to me - a simple but interesting story about making and breaking connections - looking for home, flying away, finding and losing friends. I'm always surprised by the kids - how they develop, what interests. Danny has always had an artist's eye I think, but he used to have trouble with hand eye coordination and didn't choose to draw much. Suddenly he wants to draw on a regular basis and is making interesting pictures.

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