Monday, December 17, 2007

Odd day - quiet at home - I could have accomplished more than I did on holiday projects, but I'm getting there. Will get there. Should stay up later and do more but the impulse to read in the tub, to sleep well and warm is strong. I think I'm storing up quiet and solitude vibes for the busy time that's coming. I hope it works!

Writing challenges have been intersting this week. I did another this morning that I like. I think this one was inspired by Zachary who came to me sweetly last night at the end of a long day and smiled warmly as he asked me to "please tuck me up" in bed. Those moments of connection are so precious to me and teach me how to live my life. So:

Over a bowl of cereal,
a sink of dishes,
a ride to school,
we negotiate the
rules of intimacy.
Nothing is trivial.

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Ruth said...

love this poem too--very much a style and a sentiment that resonates with me.