Friday, December 21, 2007

Today was stressful but turned out great. Twenty of us went to see K.K. in The Nut Cracker. I was stressed about making connections and feeling in a hostess role, wanting the boys to behave and everyone to have fun. Everyone did. And Danny not only behaved but dressed himself in his suit and looked dapper and charming. Even Zachy seemed able to track and enjoy the show.

It was a delight to see the ballet danced in Austin's historic Paramount Theatre - a venue appropriately old fashioned and intimate. In the past the ballet was danced in a large concert hall on the TUniversity of Texas campus (now undergoing renovations). As of next year it will be danced in Austin's new performing arts center, The Long Center. Using The Paramount was hard for the company because the smaller stage didn't allow all sets to be used and required some redoing of some of the dances - but it was great for the audience. We could really see the dancers' faces even from the mezzanine.

. Our highlight, of course, was watching K.K. dance as a bon bon - funny dancing peppermint with red and white zig zags and a plume in her hat. - Itallian clown. The bon bons have a fairly long and involved dance and all of them performed it well - really fun to watch K.K. grow as a dancer. Part of this growth is her calmness about performances - five down three to go to full houses. She loves dancing but also takes it as a matter of course, getting the call time right, doing her hair ( flat bun on top of her head so the hat stays on) . Family and friends shared supper at Katz', the down town kosher style deli which has always been K.K.'s and my favorite after dance class or performance meal spot. for supper between the matinee we saw and the evening show. The meal was joyful with twelve at the table, and the restaurant's owner, with whom K.K. has made friends over the years, stopped by to fuss over K.K.and meet her friend Allison. He touched me by telling James he should be proud of his daughter because she was a "real lady" and also used the word "ballerina' which is, of course, accurate.

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Dixi said...

How nice that KK got to dance at the historic Paramount Theater I am sure that will be a wonderful memory for her when she gets older and reflects back.

I am sure it was special to see her dance as a bon bon and also to share a meal with KK and others who came to watch her in between matinee and evening performance. I enjoy following KK as she continues to dance.