Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bob and I both feel like this Christmas has been one of our very best ever - just a sweet feeling day. Joanna made magic in her house, as she does every year, sparkling lights I remember from childhood and Christmas crafts her children have made season after season. After opening well chosen presents we munched muffins and played with our new toys- all sorts. We spent the cool clear afternoon outside trying out Zachary's new bat and ball and Danny's new soccer ball. All of us are impressed that Zach, at five, can hit a pitched ball, not requiring a tee. Close to sunset we drove to a small nearby lake to try out the kayak Ruth and Chris bought each other. Everybody who wanted got a ride in the neat inflatable kayak and we also played a bit more very informal baseball. K.K., like her baby brother, can hit. As dark began to fall we headed back for a simple supper - vegetarian chili - a new and delicious recipe of Joanna's.. Bob and I realized as we headed home after supper that we still had the time to walk in the moonlight at McKinney Falls, so that is the way we ended our Christmas night.

Obviously this is a peaceful time for our family, a gentle and connected time and I am thankful.


Bob Hendricks said...

I wrote a comment but lost it trying to find my sign-in info.
I was especially impressed by Zachary's patience with the bat. He sometimes missed the ball repeatedly, yet never got discouraged. Most kids would have given up.

Mary said...

I am glad you had such a special, sweet Christmas. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing about the day here for us family members far away, it is a sweet snapshot into your Christmas.