Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tired tonight but sitting at the computer anyway. How bright is that?

I had homework and dance studio tie with the kids this evening - really intriguing for me to watch them at different stages in the learning process - from learning to use scissors (Zachary) to capitalization rules (Danny) to doing perimeter problems with decimals (KK). I a,so feel a totally unmerited pride in the kids' willingness to eat a wide variety of not"kid stereotype" foods. Tonight the boys split a huge exotic salad with avocado and cheese, chicken, tomato - all sorts of lettuces - and really enjoyed it - wolfed their fresh fruit desserts - and yes, did happily eat brownies too. I can't take credit for the healthy eating, but it pleases me.

Summer is ending. The evenings are cooler and the mornings, though the sun still is warm in the afternoons. When I look out my window in daylight I still see the canopy of late summer leaves - fading a little but green green against the sky - I wonder how long before it starts shifting - One week? Two? It should be soon.

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