Monday, October 01, 2007

No major holidays or events at the moment KK and I went to a ballet of Midsummer Night's Dream yesterday and it was delightful - the chase scenes through the woods just hilarious. During that performance Bob took the boys to a new exhibit at the Children's museum and Danny was thrilled to get to see slides of red and white blood cells through a microscope. We are so fortunate to have these kids and their adventures in our everyday lives.

Having the longer weekend with Bob really was special. Mostly we just held onto each other and enjoyed doing not much. Part of me is jealous of couples our age who are financially able to retire early (and I assume get to just hold onto each other and mostly do what they want) all the time. But the truth is Bob found his right life work late and would not be ready to quit teaching now even if it were possible financially and I still love my work. It's not time for us to have time on our hands and our hands on each other all the time, but I do feel wistful about that sometimes. I don't think living together full time would make much difference with both of us working. We aren't real good at giving each other full attention during busy work weeks.

Today I have enjoyed letter writing and catching up on details before the busy work week gets going tomorrow. Joanna and I had lunch out together - always a treat. This evening the boys are here while KK dances. They have done their homework and had their dinner - such sweet boys. Earlier this afternoon they filled the backyard with soccer playing sounds, new sounds for this particular back yard.

Ruth has decided to close the photo studio and I have mixed feelings about that - sad not to have her next door at the office. She feels further away living in Round Rock and working out there than living in Jourdonton and having an office address next door to mine. But I am happy with the photo adventure she took - all the beautiful pictures of Bob and me and so many others - real soul photos. I know there will be more radiant photos even without the studio. And I'm thrilled Ruth is finding a passion in education. There are so many ways to make a difference in the world.

Too high a percentage of my social needs are dependant on my daughters I think. I have wonderful online friends, and wonderful local friends too, but not anybody who seems to have time to go out and play with me. And I'd like that - a restaurant trying, gardening together, going clothes shopping, book discussing fooling around kind of friend. I think I will try harder to find such. Kind of scary. I'm good at being a friend but not so much at making new friends.

This work week will be especially busy and I'm working on staying calm with that, not dreading it. I just looked at the long term weather forecast and it is supposed to get down to 60 next Sunday night. Just knowing that lifts my spirits a little. I love fall.

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