Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My writing prompt for Skywriters was to write about something that gave me pleasure today - and I ended up with a list poem. So many pleasures today. Seems like as good a blog entry as any.

Pleasures today

Stolen ten minutes resting
on pile of pillows between
soft sheets, north breeze
on walk to bus stop, positive
note from my editor, hug
from a client, Joanna's smile,
making the bank deposit on time,
Zachary making his Z forward
and reading "Silly Sandwich"
to me four times, grinning,
Danny spelling "said" right, finally,
writing creative sentences,
eating four sandwiches and calling
them delicious, KK cutting jazz patterns
in the hall and having a 100 average in math,
learning a friend is cancer free
reading a Laura Lippman mystery
in the tub full of jasmine bubbles,
losing track of time, stretching,
Bob's call, moments before I meant
to call him, lingering in conversation,
coming late to the computer,
having challenges to write,
knowing tomorrow is a light day at work
considering retreating, with book, to pile of
pillows, to sleep between soft sheets.


Mary said...

thanks for sharing the poem - sounds like a good day, many pleasures and sweet moments!

Also, nice new face to your blog - oranges for fall, perhaps?

Ruth said...

love the insight into the little joys of your day--so sweet and so you. Thanks.