Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Terrible fires burn in southern California - in Orange County where I grew up. There have always been wildfires when the Santa Anna winds blew. I remember the searing heat and ash falling from the sky when I walked home from high school. But these fires are worse, longer, taking more homes. A number of them were caused by arson. The fire and the human madness to set fire frighten me. I think of the Terry Brooks books about the end of our world, about evil winning out and society as we know it being destroyed, and I am frightened. I want to fight for good and order and peace in the world even harder. And don't know exactly how. I also want to take cookies to the local fire station in small gratitude to the brotherhood (sisterhood too) of firefighters who work to beat back that one particular danger.

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Ruth said...

I love your thought of taking cookies! Did you do it?

I think of you whenever I think of the fires--in my mommy's Orange County--no! I am so saddened when I think about the (at last count) 11 people who've died and the countelss others who've lost their homes. It's so scary that anyone would want to cause that! I agree--how do we counter that?