Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy day. It started early and ended late. Lots of client crisis and Joanna got locked out of her car at my house in a way which required that we scurry around to get KK a ride home from dance class. It all worked out and the last hour or so has finally calmed down. I enjoyed sitting with KK after dance class while she steadily and with discipline finished homework. Then Bob and I had a good phone conversation. He let me talk my way through the logistics and computer problems of my long work day and I listened to his frustrations and successes too. I'm proud of us for having gotten as good as we have on the phone. The first year of living apart, the phone conversations were hard. I always seemed to want more connection than I felt coming over the line. Now our talks are almost as good as laying in his lap or having him lay in mine - and that's a relief. Not that it won't be good, eventually, when we have only one home.

I had a fun interlude in the middle of the day when I took my friend and business partner Bill out for birthday lunch. Old friendships seem to be a theme this week - last night with Jean and today with Bill. I met Bill the year Ruth was born - 26 years ago, when he was dating my dear friend Marie. We've been through so many changes since- his marriage to Marie, Kerry's illness and death, degrees, starting and growing a practice together, my marriage to Bob, several health scares, developing together as writers, critiquing and enjoying each other's work, celebrating each others hobbies and interests. He has been an admirer of and mentor for both of my daughters, and now (as a man who grew up as a child actor at the Dallas Theater Center) is someone who enjoys and understands my stories of KK and dance academy. Happy birthday Bill! You are such a blessing in my life.

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