Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day weekend is over and the season of new beginnings is well upon us. I am excited by all the new school beginnings around me. I got a kick out of being around all three grand kids after their first week of school. KK and Danny both see taller, prouder, more organized. But the biggest change is with Zachary. He seemed so happy over the weekend and to seemed to be getting a huge kick out of being a school boy. I noticed cognitive changes already - more attention to grammar rules, use of more words ("perfect" was one I noticed) and new concepts (organizing leaves as little, medium, and big).

Ruth and Chris both look happy with the beginning of their school years - full of new ideas and hope for the kids they are teaching.

Bob seems to have a great class this year. The kids wrote us letters and we answered them - also checked their interest inventories. They are so different one from the other - some very devoted to learning and improving skills, others not thrilled with school. Some have poignant wishes - for example "a house". Many are interested in a variety of books - fun to be able to write with them about Harry Potter and even more interesting to write back and forth with one guy who, like me at his age, is reading grown up books. So many of these kids know their weaknesses (often math) and really seem to want to improve. One has clearly altruistic goals "to end poverty and hunger." All but one of the kids are on free lunch and they don't have much of a sense of what it would mean to be rich. If they had a million dollars they would go to Toys R Us, Six Flags, or the mall. Others would save it or buy things for their family or their school.

After a few hotter weeks, we're back to cooler than usual for summer, thundery and wet. The trees are heavy with leaves- a tired green now- past solstice, past prime. I can feel the days shortening and the summer ebbing. I am happy - a good ordinary time in our lives.

The increase in client load that usually comes with fall is just starting for me, and feels good. I love my work right now. I've just started listening to audio books on a new MP3 player Bob bought me for $15.00. Its an addictive practice - like being read to as a kid. I could never get enough story then and now is no different.

The biggest beginning yet to come is ballet - starting next Monday. That will be a big one, preprofessional level in the new Ballet Austin facility.

George Peabody:
Education: a debt due from present to future generations.

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