Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Today is one of those shaky days when nothing feels right or safe. I had a nightmare last night about an intruder - a real little kid night mare where I woke up not sure if it was real or not. The, when I got on the computer this morning I found out that a good friend in another state fell down a full flight of stairs in the middle of the night and was seriously injured - (much blood loss fro a gash in her back and multiple broken bones requiring surgery and days in the ICU). She came through surgery fine and is expected to recover - but I feel both empathy and shock. Things can go very bad so fast. This woman walked a half marathon last month and is very healthy and physical. No guarantees - ever - for any of us. Several clients made crisis calls today, but mostly, on the outside, everything is fine - the uncertainty underneath is just more evident than usual.

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Mary said...

I can relate to that feeling. I hope that today felt less shaky and more safe!