Saturday, September 22, 2007

The holiday is over - beautiful holiday. I am aware that some of my melancholy was about ego - a line in the servie said somrthing like "as long as I am atached to my own accomplishmena I am shtting out the divine."That's so had. I was raised to work hard at accomplishents - and that's OK -good to work hard. But I think I haven't completely broken the link of magical thinking though - the old belief that if I do enough things well I will keep me and mine safe. I know that's an illusion.

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Ruth said...

It can be hard to get ego out of the way--you've taught me so much about how to accomplish that that's it's useful to see you struggle with it too.

I'm sorry your week was so hard, grateful that you have the tools (and have passed them on) to get through it anyway.