Friday, September 07, 2007

Short work week and odd with my friend's accident. I've felt off kilter, though not as badly as TUesday, and am happy that my friend's condition is improving and she is being moved out of ICU tonight. It was a good work week - one where I felt people were learning and changing old patterns. Pavoroti died last night and I remember how much my parents enjoyed listening to the Thre Tenors shows - which made me miss my parents. So when the prompt for my writing group was "under the stairs" I wrote a playful poem(not literally true) that I think Daddy would have enjoyed. He was always telling stories about bears.

Bears Under the stairs

Under the stairs
Daddy said, sleep
the dreamtime bears,
powerful secret magical bears
guarding our slumber,
guarding our cares,
polar and grizzly,
panda, brown, black,
dreamtime bears
Daddy said, sleep
under the stairs.

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Mary said...

I am glad your friend is doing better! That was very scary news.