Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My calico cat Sunshine died today of unknown causes. Bob just found her in the driveway dead and buried her in the garden. There was no blood, though we still wonder if she was hit by a car and had internal injuries. We'd seen her playing happily two hours before he found her dead. I freak out that I may have let her dehydrate or something, but that doesn't make sense. She had access to water and it was warm, not hot. Sunshine was a beautiful calico with plenty of white and bright black and gold markings. She was six years old and had been deemed healthy by the vet on numerous occasions. She was also a sweet cat - never clawed or scared the grandkids like Caleb can. I'm not the kind of devoted and passionate pet lover so many people are, but I loved Sunshine and miss her and hope she didn't suffer in the end.

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Ruth said...

I'm sorry about sunshine--we will all miss her. I'm sure you didn't do anything wrong--if you did Caleb would be in trouble also! And I'm sure she didn't suffer (at least not long) since you saw her not long before looking happy and her normal self.... farewll Sunshine Kitty you were loved.