Thursday, June 14, 2007

Life just keeps flowing - event after event.

Ruth and Chris celebrated seven years married, ten together - back in their home, so sweet together. James and Joanna and the kids had a real family vacation play day yesterday at Sea World - good for them to be able to have fun. They work so hard. Sammi the pup stayed at our house during the Sea World Day and she was both a handful and a sweetie. I had forgotten that pups bark, and don't always want to cuddle. This one likes to PLAY - actively. It was a real treat to take her and Lobo for a walk to the holding pond. Sammi liked to walk right behind Lobo, following his lead.

Bob is working every possible waking non brain dead minute on preparing for the high school math teacher certification test he takes on Saturday morning. There is so much to learn! He definitely has the mind and the work ethic to learn it.

I remind myself several tiea each day that it will be good and right wherever Bob works next year - that just because we set the coming back to Austin as a goal it doesn't ean that is the best or right thing. Menger awaits and is a good place for him to make his contribution and use his gifts - and the high school math idea is exciting. There is no loss possible here.

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Ruth said...

I'm excited for Bob. And yes I think wherever he ends up will be good. Menger is lucky to have him and so would anyone (high school or not) in the Austin area.

I still think geat things will happen for our boys this summer.