Monday, June 25, 2007

Bob still hasn't been told if he got the job at Overton. The principal said he would let Bob know either way, so we are waiting. It is a brand new school and Bob thinks it would be exciting to be part of a new campus, but he doesn't act excited. I think not getting interviews or call backs is getting old - hard for him to keep his spirits up. If the principal, after saying he would call whether he hired Bob or not, failed to do so, we are both frustrated with his lack of manners. Maybe not a great guy to work for anyway! But then again he could call with a yes and everything could be wonderful. High school math jobs are filling up and that discourages Bob too, but there are a couple left and he may get one when he has his test results. And going back to Menger may really be the best thing - can't know God's will for us, only what seems best from our limited perspective. I have to trust that we will be where we need to be, after having done all we know how to do to get Bob a job in Austin.

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Ruth said...

I know how frustrating that waiting can be (and especially after an interview!)

I agree that whatever happens will be the right thing... I know I struggled a little last year with thinking we should/would stay another year in Jton and also wanting to come home. I wonder if this is Bob's last year in that same way... I think it may take a year of planting the seed of wanting to come home?