Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm writing fiction again, and that feels good - working on my porch stories about different generations' experiences on a screened in back porch like the porch I remember on my grandparents' house in West. I started at the beginning last night, with story based on one my mother told me so many times about the promise she made to God that she would take care of her baby brother forever if God would only let him live after being born dangerously premature. Bob helped me edit this morning, finding vaguenesses I would never have caught and helping me tighten the wording. I love it when he helps me with my writing. I'm excited about doing the porch stories in conjunction with reading through old family letters for scrap booking - two birds with one stone. I haven't been in a writing flow in a really long time and I'm not sure yet about this, but I like the way I'm feeling so far.

The moon will rise full (or at least almost full tonight) and tomorrow night Bob and I will get to see it over the Gulf of Mexico. We are going down to Corpus to pack up some of his things and to walk the beach with a big moon. Its been too long since I've been to the beach.

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Ruth said...

Im excited for you about finding a flow. Have you read/seen "If These Walls Could Talk?"

The moon was gordeous last night--I don't know exaclty when it was/will full but we enjoyed it last night very much.

I didn't know you were goign to Corpus! I hope you enjoyed the beach--we always do!