Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bob just finished the terrible math test (FIVE HOURS OF MATH _ OH MY!) He thinks he did pretty well, though of course came home brain dead and starving. Chris aced the GRE - (no surprise). He was here when Bob came home because he and a friend were kindly (and in exchange for the washer and drier from my parents' house for the friend) doing a dup run for me. When he saw Bob Chris made the joyful and appropriate salute (aimed at both of them) "Hail to the conquering heroes!" They are indeed. How I love that young man!

Bob's unwinding for a few minutes watching UC Irvine - the team that beat UT in the regionals - come from behind in the College World Series. We'll be heading down soon to San Antonio for a romatic retreat on the River Walk in our time share condo. This year I think we have really both earned some down time! I feel less mixed about leaving the kids than I did last night. This will be fun.

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Ruth said...

Thank you SO much for sharing your condo week. We are both so appreciative. It is wonderful to vacation with you. It's especially exciting to hear Bob discuss all the different types of teaching he can do (coaching tennis?!)

We love you both