Saturday, June 09, 2007

It has been such a busy week time doesn't seem to have passed since I last wrote here - but obviously it has. A whole week. Texas baseball team lost to UC Irvine at regionals. No College World SEries at Omaha for us this year. We had hopes. Bob and I almost got stranded at the baseball field with a dead battery in the middle of a thunderstorm, but the last car leaving had jumper cables as did the stadiu staffed. To my surprise, the Round Rock police cars on the premises did not have jumper cables.

Bob is studying math because high school math teachers are in great demand and he has so much math aptitude and background. He has been told he has a good chance at a math high school job in Austin if he passes the certification exam on Saturday next. He'll pass. THe idea of his taching high school is interesting, especially if he gets to teach at a close school. I can see getting attached to a school, following the sports teams, going to the concerts. It sounds like fun. Chris had a great interview at Reagan High School - hopeful. So many possibilities are opening up.

KK did get her puppy, Sammi, a three month old black Austrailian cattle dog mix with a white stripe down the middle of her face. It is "harder to raise a puppy" than she expected, but love is definitely in the air.

Bob and I took all three kids to the library today and got started with the summer reading program - fond memories here from doing that wiht the girls.

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