Friday, June 22, 2007

This week passed too fast - seems to be my theme this summer even more than usual. Bob got his resumes out to high schools and, out of the blue, the new elementary school Overton offered him n interview for a fourth grade position. He had the interview today and I don't think he could tell if he will be hired or not. I feel discouraged that the principal didn't just jump up and grab him (silly principal doesn't know a great asset of a teacher when he meets one) but I understand procedures need to be followed and the lack of immediate hire doesn't men anything. We should know soon because the principal says he wants to hire soon.

Bob's moods have been up and down with the job search process and I have trouble keeping my moods from tracking his. Growing edge there. I've been looking at Meyer's Briggs and enneagrm personality systems gin and realise how very much I (INFP ennagram Type 2) depend on the well-being of those I love to feel happy and safe. I really have to work to separate my well-being from that of those I love most.


Ruth said...

I hope we here more about Bob's interview soon--I know he says he'll be frustrated if he "wasted" the money and time on the high school certification but it would be great for him to be back here at an elementry school. It is frustrating that our guys aren't hired on the spot--but that's just not how they do it.

Chris said he couldn't get a read on if Bob even liked the school or not--would he WANT to work there if they wanted him?

It's interesting to hear you explore the implications of your personality type--always a treat to get a glipse of you from your perspective. I'm actually a little suprised you said you need to work on not being so interconnected/codependant/whatever I think I would have thought you thought it was a GOOd trait.

Love you

SeaStar said...

Bob liked the idea of teaching at a new school, becoming part of a new team, starting nature projects on a new campus. But he didn't seem to feel connected to the principal - no real feeling of warmth or excitement. I think he's getting to the point of feeling like it could be a bummer to teach somewhere he was seen as "marginal" or not wanted. Menger is looking better to him again.