Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Bob and I are up way too late but happy, doing a good deed. The whole family was struck by a bag for contributions left on our door this afternoon. We get these from time to time, usually for the local food bank. This time the not on the bag said "We don't want your money, just your shoes, any size, any condition." for shoeless people in Africa. I only had two extra pairs of shoes, gewnerally ...keeping myself to just a pair per season plus western boots and hiking shoes, but Bob had a trunk full of old shoes and now they are all out on the porch in bags ready to go. A skeptical part of my mind wonders how they are going to get to Africa and how much it will cost to get them there, and we do take shoes and clothes to local resale shops regularly, but somehow this felt right. The children in our house went through their shoes and really didn't have extra - one pair of outgrown choir shoes from KK, but I liked the directness of their being able to try to make a gift of their own, as concrete as shoes.

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