Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hope and action 4

Hope and action 4 - Voltaire wrote "Life is a shipwreck and don't gorget to sing in the lifeboats." That seems very true and helpful to me. I don't know many people (maybe a few) whose lives have gone as expected without some major detours and shipwrecks along the way. Mine sure hasn't. I like the idea of singing in the lifeboats, finding the joy and maybe not always joy, maybesometimes a sad or angry song but a song all the same , wherever we find ourselves. Avery light example of this phenomenon occured today with Liam's fourth birthday party, which was outside at the park, four families with four four year olds and a two year old. It rained, and then didn't and then did agan. The helium balloons on which Ruth had carefully painted faces, all fell to the ground when the barometric pressure dropped. We pitched a tent, hid the food under the picnic tables, brought towels from home, and everybody had a great and memorable time. It would have been so easy to have let the weather "ruin" the party.

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