Sunday, February 24, 2013


It's the Jewish holiday of Purim - started last night. It's a holiday during which we are supposed to take ourselves lightly, laugh at ourselves, understand that trying hard to get everything right doesn't always do it. So people dress up in crazy costumes and read prayer services backward. We do all kinds of crazy things to mix up reality and pride a little. Last night life did that for me wit...hout any effort on my part. Bob and I went to the symphony and , as we headed back to our seats after intermission the turquoise silk balloon pants I was wearing fell right down around my ankles. Fortunately the embroidered Indian tunic I was wearing over them was midcalf length and I hitched them up so fast even Bob didn't see what happened. But still, it was a good Purim lesson for me. I lost my pants in public and the world didn't even blink.

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