Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hope and action 5

The "don't forget to sing in the lifeboats" quote has been staying with me. I'd love to hear some stories of how some of you, or people in your lives, manage to connect with the strength of life force when plans have been shattered and directions changed against your plans. My example of the rainy day birthday was a small scale example. I think maybe much of the living richly and not comes in the extent to which we are able to stay in touch with life force (song) in big and small ways when the tide turns against us. I can see KK doing this right now, working so hard to keep sleep, exercise, eating, medicine taking and attitude in order to deal with a diagnosis that tests her dance dreams and her quality of life. I sure saw Joe and Heidi turn to the mountains and each other to find joy and strength while fighting cancer. I wonder how and in what circumstances other people do it.

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Mary said...

A hard question. No real answer beyond (1) Write poetry (2) Try to stay in touch with one's faith.